YA Book Review: Sydney’s Spaceship

Sydney’s Spaceship is a new release! I was one of the lucky ones who got to read the book before it was published and now I’m dancing in my pants for the rest of the world to read it too!

Summary (From Amazon):

A troubled young man in 1970s America struggles to deal with his love for another young man….who just might be an angel.

Sixteen-year-old Sydney Derouski is certain that any day now an angel named Kemory will appear and transform his pathetic life. He refuses to accept others’ opinions that he lives in fantasy to avoid facing childhood trauma.

When Sydney discovers that a teen singer, Kipp Kemo, is a dead-ringer for Kemory, he wonders if his lust doomed the angel to a mortal life. But when the two finally meet, Sydney struggles with the truth of their bond and wonders if his sanity would be saved if Kemory were to disappear.


Set in the 1970′s, Sydney’s Spaceship transports you back to another era, where you will be kept guessing until the end. Not only are we, the readers, faced with Sydney’s not-so-great home life, we’re also faced with his tragic past. It poses the question: Is Kipp Kemo really an angel, or is this guy just looney?

The characters also keep the reader wildly entertained. Each one of them have their own perks and quirks. Sydney’s sarcasm will keep you laughing throughout the whole book, and the friends he meets–both inside and outside of the psych ward–aid in Sydney’s transformation to understanding his true identity.

It was refreshing to read a YA romance that didn’t make it all about…ahem. Instead, Banks keeps it clean–despite the occasional swear word–allowing the love between Sydney and Kipp to show through in other ways. This makes it a great pick for 9th graders and up.

So go buy it already! Today it is available in Kindle, but I hear it will be on paperback very soon!

Please transport me to Sydney’s Spaceship

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